Your Warehouse Is Not Your Fridge


Jeff Lem, the founder of Portable Intelligence Inc. and warehouse management visionary, offers powerful insights into materials management — and takes you on a journey from warehouse hell to competitive advantage.

From the Author

Manufacturers take their warehouses for granted, treating them like a household refrigerator. No one questions the importance of a fridge and how it contributes to the well-being and health of the household. No one thinks twice about its care and maintenance, let alone managing the contents. This laissez-faire attitude results in a great deal of waste: 25% of the contents of the average American fridge are thrown away. Warehouses are on a similar trajectory, wasting 22% annually.

Warehouses aren’t an issue until you can’t find what you need or the write-offs start becoming too big. Materials management doesn’t come naturally to manufacturers, who only view inventory as a cost to be minimized. This blind spot hinders manufacturers from scaling their material handling processes and ultimately impacts profitable growth.

This book shows how to achieve an efficient warehouse and, more importantly, transform it into a competitive advantage. Based on 25+ years of inventory management experience, you’ll find case studies, easy to implement ideas, and tools you can use right away to start transforming your warehouse.

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