Increase The Efficiency Of Your Warehouse With A Comprehensive WMS

Delivering results with a comprehensive WMS solution.

Four modules designed to unlock the full potential of your warehouse. This comprehensive WMS will transform your warehouse into a competitive advantage.

Inventory Module

RF Plus™ warehouse management software is built specifically for manufacturers like you. With four modules and provision for more complex modules like licenses, IBT, WIP tracking, etc. RF Plus™ offers you a wide array of transactions to gain complete control of your inventory.

Inbound Module

The Inbound Module provides solutions to warehouse management software receiving problems. Warehouse Shark’s Inbound Module syncs your physical and system inventory. As a result, your PO Receiving and Putaway become a seamless process. This module eradicates inaccuracies and accelerates your receiving process.

Production Module

The Production Module vastly improves the production workflow. It does this by providing complete visibility of raw materials, materials in production, and finished goods. As a result, this module equips you to achieve 1-to-1 traceability and reduces your reliance on buffer stock. Positive results are driven by the Production Module with increased production speed and improved workflow efficiency.

Outbound Module

The Outbound Module organizes and speeds up your picking and shipping process. With the Outbound Module, you’ll be able to achieve a higher order fill rate and reduce the number of mistakes your team makes. Therefore, you’ll have full inventory visibility in your system. You also won’t have to rely on verbal communication between employees for CO status updates. This module empowers your workforce by eliminating shipping errors and removing bottlenecks and delays.

WMS software that works for you, not the other way around

Warehouse Shark is a material handling solution that fully integrates with your warehouse’s ERP. We provide solutions to common problems warehouses face and also equip businesses to implement best material handling practices in their workplaces.

"Our Inventory visibility improved by 100%. Not only that, our material handling processes were more professional and consistent too. Our employees felt a real sense of pride and excitement around the investment."

How to get started with Warehouse Shark


Guided implementation using a proven process

Warehouse Shark automatically updates the relevant information inside the Control Center once you’ve completed an Inventory Lookup on your handheld device. The Control Center lets you generate and print reports on where the inventory is located by warehouse and location ID.

Module Feature List

The Module Feature List gives you a detailed list of all available features in Warehouse Shark sorted by module.

Need Help?

If the Deployment Process sounds overwhelming, don't worry! You can purchase a Support Package where our certified Project Manager will help walk you through the whole implementation process.


Warehouse Shark offers integrated solutions improving warehouse operations around the world. Our Modules will help you transform your warehouse into a competitive advantage.

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