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Foundry leverages an open architecture to inform closed-loop operations — connecting data, analytics, and business teams to a common foundation.

From data integration to operational applications, Foundry is the end-to-end solution for data-driven decision-making — and it’s deployable in hours.

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Beyond Linear Analytics

Most data and analytics tools excel at processing information linearly: from data ingestion to visualization.

However, real-world operations are anything but linear — with operators making distributed decisions simultaneously across the organization.

Connecting analytics to operations requires a different architecture.

Your business is a closed-loop system; operations inform decisions, and decisions inform operations. So why doesn’t your software work the same way?

The Platform

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Each layer of Foundry works to close the loop between analytics and operations, empowering enterprise-wide decision optimization.


Beyond a data model, the Ontology is an operating layer for the organization.

An enterprise-wide digital twin of both data and models.
By connecting underlying data and models to their real-world business objects – such as Plants, Distribution Centers, or Equipment – the Ontology allows analytics teams, data scientists and business decision-makers to collaborate on a dynamic knowledge asset in real time.

This common lexicon of business Objects enables users to intuitively interact with a digital representation of the enterprise — building custom workflows and team-specific applications with ease.

Operations Across

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For more than a decade, we’ve embedded alongside our customers to build Foundry backwards, starting from the most critical operational decisions. We’ve encoded this tradecraft into our product.

Today, some of the world’s most important institutions use Foundry to build safer cars, secure global supply chains, accelerate cancer research, and more.

Foundry in Action

We like to describe what we’re doing with Foundry as becoming a data-connected company…This means more innovative solutions and services for our clients, as well as deeper information to steer and drive the business.

↳ Ian Haycock, Group Chief Data Officer, Swiss Re


Swiss Re


As one of the world’s leading reinsurers, Swiss Re is seeing more interconnected risks than ever amidst global crises like climate change and supply chain disruption. In order to respond rapidly and enable effective, real-time business decisions, they need a central, unified technical foundation from which to manage complex data at scale.


Swiss Re uses Foundry to connect their organizations and business functions to a central data foundation, operating as a truly enterprise-wide connected company. With the ability to leverage the full granularity of their data, Foundry helps Swiss Re draw advanced insights on topics like health, longevity, and climate change. Foundry also enables them to build a variety of tools and applications to deliver more optimal solutions for clients.



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