RF Plus™

RF Plus™ is a comprehensive warehouse management software that equips manufacturers with everything they need to increase throughput and optimize warehouse efficiency. Our focus is on optimizing your warehouse processes thereby transforming your warehouse into a competitive advantage.

RF Plus utilises barcoding to capture data at the point of transaction and updates it to your ERP in real-time, eliminating the need for handwritten notes and excel spreadsheets.

RF Plus is designed on the basis of material handling best practices and reduces your reliance on tribal knowledge.

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RF Plus and ERP Integration

RF Plus fully integrates with your ERP giving you real-time information at all times. We are compatible with Infor VISUAL ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Syspro and Oracle

RF Plus Modules

RF Plus has four modules: Inventory, Inbound, Production and Outbound which help you capture data across your warehouse. These four modules will help you track your inventory and prevent materials from getting lost/misplaced. This keeps your manufacturing process running on time and at maximum efficiency.

RF Plus also has advanced material handling features like License Plating, Wave Order Picking, IBTs, Demand-Production Batch transfer, WIP Tracking, and more.

“At SweetWorks™, we use RF Plus™ for shipping, receiving, inventory management, physical count and work order issuing. We are really happy with the product. It has simplified the work for our people in the warehouse and its actually allowed them to do more transactions in less time. “

— Eric Guenette, ERP Specialist, SweetWorks Confections.

RF Plus Control Centre

RF Plus control centre provides you with real-time view of your warehouse. You can scan across processes to see how your warehouse operations are running. You can pull real-time discrepancy reports to share with your team members and monitor KPI’s from anywhere in the facility and at any time

RF Plus Handheld Screens

RF Plus handheld screens are browser based, intuitive, user friendly and allow you to capture transaction information on a single screen. You can scan, type or select information from a list, saving users’ time and allowing them to make more labor transactions per hour.

Information fields automatically validate information entered to ensure accuracy of every transaction. All screens contain visual indicators which provide a clear picture of available part inventory at a location in real-time.

RF Plus handheld screens are easy to understand, simple to use and faster to train on.

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