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A complete material handling solution for your warehouse


“At SweetWorks™, we use RF Plus™ for shipping, receiving, inventory management, physical count and work order issuing. We are really happy with the product. It has simplified the work for our people in the warehouse and its actually allowed them to do more transactions in less time. “

— Eric Guenette, ERP Specialist, SweetWorks Confections.

The Inventory Module solves common inventory problems we’ve observed in warehouses over the past twenty years. For instance, warehouse managers commonly report experiencing delays resulting from poor inventory visibility. Long, never-ending inventory counts, unrecorded inventory transfers, misplaced/lost parts, out of sync physical and system inventory are just some of the challenges manufacturers face every day in a warehouse. Some warehouse managers have to conduct frequent physical checks to know the status of on-hand inventory or they end up having to constantly order excess inventory (buffer stock) to make sure production timelines are met.

RF Plus Inventory Module solves these problems and gives you a clear picture of your inventory availability at all times. RF Plus helps you conduct quick inventory counts, transfers, and lookups saving time and money.

Key differences between RF Plus and other barcoding solutions for VISUAL

Inventory Look-up

The inventory look-up feature allows warehouse employees to look up inventory anywhere in your warehouse within seconds. They can look up on-hand inventory by part, location or trace.

Inventory Counts

With real-time integration into your ERP, physical counts and cycle counts with RF Plus take less time and are updated instantaneously to your ERP.

The inventory count discrepancy report in the RF Plus Control Center gives you the accurate picture of your counts in progress by identifying discrepancies between your physical inventory and system inventory in real-time.

Inventory Transfers

It is risky to rely on someone’s memory or handwritten notes when it comes to movement of inventory. With the help of inventory transfers, RF Plus allows you to record each and every transfer of inventory between locations within your warehouse and between multiple warehouses. You can rest assured that no inventory transfer will ever go unrecorded with RF Plus.

Inventory Module in RF Plus Control Center

The inventory module in the RF Plus control center helps you oversee inventory transactions happening across your warehouses. RF Plus automatically updates the information inside the Control Center once you’ve completed an Inventory Lookup on your handheld device. The Control Center lets you generate and print reports on where the inventory is located by warehouse and location ID. It also allows you to monitor your count status and any associated discrepancies.


RF Plus’s inbound module allows you to receive traceable/non-traceable materials against a PO and put away the received materials to a warehouse location. RF Plus also allows you to receive parts flagged as “Inspection Required” directly to a QC location. Once these parts go through a QC check you can release them to any warehouse location.
The RF Plus Inbound Module solves your common warehouse receiving problems we’ve observed over the past twenty years like,

Inbound Module consists of PO Receiving, PO Put away, QC Hold and Release

PO Receiving

With RF Plus handheld screens you can receive both traceable and non-traceable parts against a purchase order. You can do a one-stage or two stage PO receiving. RF Plus handheld screens are intuitive and user-friendly making PO receiving fast, efficient and accurate. You can print PO labels on the fly, thus eliminating the need to preprint labels. The PO receipt is updated to your ERP in real-time. No delays or errors.

PO Put Away

Using RF Plus you can put away received materials immediately to a warehouse location. You enter the From location and the To location along with Part ID and quantity. This prevents lost/misplaced inventory and eliminates your need to rely on memory, handwritten notes or spreadsheets.

QC Receiving and Release

The QC area of the Inbound Module gives you the ability to hold and release incoming parts requiring inspections. QC Hold / Release will become available on your handheld device once you’ve set up the corresponding inspection settings in your ERP. Features include

Inbound Module in RF Plus Control Center

The Control Center displays information about where received POs have been stored including which parts were received, how many, at which warehouse, and where inside the warehouse the order was put away. The Inbound dashboard gives you a high-level view of the number of PO lines that have been received and those that are in progress. The dashboard also tells you the number of POs to be put away.


“We noticed an increase in production efficiency and reduction in errors as our raw material is now put away in proper locations and is tracked 100% of the time. Our shop floor employees no longer waste their time and energy in looking for parts as our inventory does not get lost and we can issue replacement material on-the-fly leading to higher through-put.”

— Nelipak Healthcare Packaging

RF Plus Production Module is designed based on manufacturing and inventory best practices. RF Plus allows manufacturers to concentrate on manufacturing and not worry about inventory availability. Issue materials to a particular WO from a primary location (using auto-issue) or any other warehouse location. Using the WIP tracking feature of RF Plus you can track raw materials through the stages of production. Issue Returns to any warehouse location within seconds when handling excess raw materials left after production.

RF Plus also allows you to receive finished goods and put them away to any designated warehouse location. On-the-fly label printing allows you to label finished goods accurately before they are stored in the warehouse location. This reduces occurrences where finished goods are lost or misplaced. With Traceability allows you can identify, and label finished goods using alpha-numeric trace. You can also track semi-finished parts which are sent for outside service using RF Plus. Using WO Return you can return finished goods

Production Module consists of WO Issuing, Issue Return, WO Receiving , WO Put Away, WO Return, WIP Tracking

Work Order (WO) Issuing

Work Order Issuing in RF Plus allows you to issue traceable or non-traceable raw materials against a WO. You can also issue materials by FIFO, Low to High, High to Low, and LIFO.

Issue Return

The Production Module also gives you the ability to issue a return when you have materials left over after production. Your work order return will reflect immediately in the Material Issues display of your ERP. Simply scan the WO ID and input the quantity and location of returned materials.

WO Receiving

Once a product is released you can use the WO Receiving function. You can choose to receive the WO to a staging location or directly to a warehouse location

WO Return

If you received more than produced material on the work order, then you can return material back to work order using the WO Return feature of RF Plus™

WO Putaway

WO Putaway with RF Plus is simple and fast. Our software automatically pushes information from the WO Putaway to your ERP in real-time. From the Control Center, you can generate reports on where the final goods have been stored.

WO Receiving and Put away screen in RF Plus Control Center

Once you’ve received a work order you’ll be issued a work order receipt inside your ERP. From the Control Center, you’ll be able to access the date, the quantity of goods, and warehouse location where the WO was received.


RF Plus’s Outbound module allows you to pick, pack and ship traceable/non-traceable materials against a customer order (CO).
The various features of our outbound module will solve some of your common picking and shipping problems like

With RF Plus Picking and Shipping you get

WO Putaway Picking

Pick parts against a customer order by scanning the item order barcode. RF Plus handheld screen will conveniently display the quantity of parts required to be shipped.


Process shipment of a customer order using RF Plus Shipping screen by simply entering the CO ID.

Outbound Module in RF Plus Control Center

You can access relevant packlist details inside the Control Center once an order has been picked. Here you’ll have quick access to CO #, Line #, Part, Part Description, and Quantity required. Once the material is put into the truck, the shipper scans the CO ID and RF Plus automatically updates your ERP that item has been shipped. From the Control Center, you can access the CO #, packlist ID, ship date, customer name, and shipping address.

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