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RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP (Web Version) New Releases

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.11.0.- November 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus has now looked for the EDI Blanket flag when a customer order is shipped. After shipping the Customer order on RF Plus handheld Shipping screen, the Customer order will remain in the Released status
  • In the RF Plus Reprint Shipping part label screen, the Packlist ID field is renamed as ‘Packlist ID / Customer Order ID’ and a new input field called ‘Line’ is displayed. This field will be visible only when the user inputs a CO. If a Packlist ID is selected/entered, the line field will be hidden. 
  • In the RF Plus LPN Picking screen, after selecting the Customer order and picking a line, the last used LPN will be retained until the user chooses to switch the LPN manually or the LPN is closed by the user.  
  • Also, In the RF Plus LPN Picking screen, a new list icon has been introduced on the LPN field, and clicking on that will display the LPNs that are with status New and O (LPN of that CO)
  • Users have been given the flexibility to re-open the closed LPN in the LPN Picking screen, a prompt will be shown to the user with the confirmation message if they want to reopen the closed LPN or not.
  • A new windows service ‘PI Application Service for Shipment Tracking’ is implemented in place of the existing UPS tracking trigger. The user-configurable waybill-carrier ID will support updating the waybill and status of customer orders and shipper records.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.10.0.- October 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • A new feature Capture Employee Id has been added to the RF Plus WO Receiving screen. This will be the configurable option in the Control Center. Labor tickets will be auto generated along with the captured employee id in the WO Receiving screen when related visual configurations will be enabled.
  • Online licensing service is excellent for centralizing and controlling customers’ subscriptions, but it also creates a potential risk of a single point of failure. When the service does not function for a period, customers with online licensing will become no longer be able to access RF Plus. For this reason, a new Backup site has been introduced which will be set up to resolve the single point of failure design and create proactive error detection between different sites.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.9.0.- September 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus will now provide an option to capture the Employee ID while generating a labor ticket. This is a configurable option in Control Center and is a required field if the configuration is enabled
  • RF Plus now provides flexibility to generate Labor Ticket even when the work order operation run hour value is set to zero and requirement material is not issued to the work order. This is also a configurable option in the Control Center.
  • In the RF Plus WO Receiving screen, the ‘Work Order’ field will be renamed as the Work Order/Part ID field which will allow the user to scan the Finished Good’s Part ID directly. This will be linked to the RF Plus Control Center Configuration. The configuration should be enabled to scan both WO Base ID and the Part ID.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.8.0.- August 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus Handheld modules are now arranged in a fixed sequence for ease of use, and this sequence will be maintained intact even when a module is enabled/ disabled
  • In RF Plus Control Center, admin’s ‘User Module Access Control’ page will now have a separate IBT section to be enabled or disabled instead of being clubbed with Inventory
  • The production dashboard in the Control Center for WO Receiving will now show each transaction of work order along with the total quantity received for a day

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.7.0.- July 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus can print PO labels in batch mode. There is a button added in PO Receiving screen that will be enabled only after receiving a line/part and it is configurable feature in Control Center.
  • RF Plus will now generate RF Plus traces from Outbound Picking screens. Prior to this, RF Plus Trace profile should be created and RF Plus trace option should be configured in Control Center.
  • Intrastat is a feature used by European Visual clients to track Import/export between member countries. RF Plus enhanced this feature and will update INTRA tables after receiving PO order and after Shipping CO order by following some rules.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.6.0.- June 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • In the Wave Picking screen after part validation, RF Plus will now display alerts for Part notation and Customer Order line UDF if set up in Visual Mfg. These alerts should be configurable in Control Center.
  • Rf Plus enhanced security by encrypting email credentials and decrypting for Windows service and Handheld.
  • The new Custom trigger added for the Pallet details will check for the CO line item. If the line item is associated with the container and skid ID, shipping the CO will update the respective table along with the container and skid information.
  • RF Plus Handheld has added a new technique to enable the deployment process without requiring users to clear the cache.
  • The physical key will now support Temporary user count, POD, and Starship license options.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.5.0.- May 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus can now generate the new LPN automatically with the Auto-generate LPN feature. Also, the LPN field will show a list icon, to list out unused LPNs to use in the IBT (Inter Branch Transfer) Picking and IBT Picking Adjustment screens.
  • RF Plus has been modified to add the record in the TRACE_HISTORY table when editing the trace profile property. Trace profile collection and edit features are available in PO (Purchase Order) Receiving, adjust in, adjust out, and WO Receiving screens.
  • On the Control Center Customer Order page,
  • The ‘Orders with stock’ filter option will now list the Customer orders having ‘Released’ and ‘Firmed’ statuses.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.4.0.- April 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus will show a trace list icon in the IBT Picking and IBT Picking Adjustment screens.
  • RF Plus users can now set a WIP location as a pickable location. To enable this feature, users will have to check a new configuration called ‘Use WIP as Pickable Location’ in the outbound configuration, under Admin in Control Center.
  • RF Plus will now auto-populate the location quantity for trace parts in the WO Issuing and WO Issue Return screens.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.3.0.- March 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • A new trace edit button is available in PO Receiving, WO Receiving, and Inventory Adjustment screens, this will allow users to edit existing VMfg. trace properties.
  • UOM and Qty fields are brought together in the same row throughout RF Plus to improve the UI.
  • Adjusting trace parts from a PO is now simplified with the introduction of a new trace list icon. This will help users to select the received traces from the list. Once selected, it will auto-fill the trace ID and show the corresponding quantity.
  • New IBT receiving report feature will allow users to print IBT receiving reports from the IBT Receiving screen.
  • Work Order return screen now supports Work order ID parsing. Users can now get the lot, split and sub-IDs auto filled from parsed WO ID field data.
  • Part Label printing in Inventory transfer screens will now auto-populate the Qty field with the location qty. Users will still have the flexibility to change the auto-filled qty value according to their needs.
  • Users can now pick multiple transactions with one trace id in all picking screens.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.2.0.- February 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • In addition to the existing standard reports, RF Plus users now have the flexibility to generate custom reports that can cater to their individual needs.
  • The Control Center dashboard is updated to better assist users to monitor the KPI changes and view drill-down data right from the dashboard with a click.
  • The new Super Scan feature will allow users to improve their productivity significantly. With this new feature, users will not have to find and input data in a predefined sequence, rather they can scan the information as it is presented / available to them.
  • A new feature called Automated Cycle Count is introduced with this release. This feature will allow users to schedule and create inventory counts from RF Plus based on location type and ABC code. Depending on variables set by the user, RF Plus will be able to show an estimated human resource requirement to complete a count.
  • New changes are implemented in RF Plus to support the subscription-based licensing model.
  • For trace parts with a Max Lot size of 1, RF Plus will autofill the quantity field with ‘1’ in relevant screens. Users will have the option to edit the quantity field if needed.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.7.0.3- November 2021

  • Linked Warehouse is a new RF Plus feature for users with multiple warehouses. This feature will help users to group their warehouses. When the Linked Warehouse is checked in the general configuration in Control Center; the transaction warehouse and logged-in warehouse can be different if the two are linked.
  • The License tab in the Control Center configuration is reorganized with added functionality. All RF Plus license functionalities are grouped according to modules in the new license tab. Users can now choose between mandatory and non-mandatory licenses by checking the Mandatory check box in this tab.
  • All picking and Inventory Count screens will now auto-populate the quantity for traceable parts if “Auto populate Trace Qty” is enabled in the Control Center configuration under the General tab.
  • “Show integer trace Qty” in the General tab under Control Center configuration will allow users to see only integer values in the Trace Qty field. When “Auto populate Trace Qty” is checked.
  • Inventory and warehouse transfer screen now has a new toggle button “Transfer by Part;” this will help users to transfer parts based on ‘part/trace ID’.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.7.0.2- October 2021

  • RF Plus enhanced the WIP Tracking process. Users/Supervisors can now define WIP processes in RF Plus Control Center. To determine which operation to have WIP material tracking, a new table is maintained that will link the WO operation resource to the WIP Process. RF Plus will also allow WIP transfers between desired Zones/Locations.
  • For new Customers using Nicelabel and Bartender label Printing software, RF Plus will now add field names and template names as part of the label data file. Standard label templates will contain the same fields which are specified in the label data files. This is a configurable feature in RF Plus print file.
  • The Reprint LPN button is introduced in the LPN Picking screen in case users want to reprint the License Summary label.
  • The LPN progress bar is introduced in PO Receiving and WO Receiving screens. This progress bar will only be visible if the part’s pallet qty is set in Visual and LPN configuration is enabled for these screens.
  • RF Plus now supports the Batch LPN feature in Inventory Transfer, Warehouse Transfer, PO Putaway, and WO Putaway screens. Some Inventory and Warehouse transfer LPN-related configurations need to be enabled in CC to use this feature on HH screens. The main functionality of batch transfer is to transfer more than one LPN at once. Furthermore, if the user wants to remove any scanned LPN, they can do so from the same screen.
  • Renamed Courier to Ship Via in CC to better reflect the functionality. In Ship Via screen, user has 2 options, one is to enable/disable the fast shipping feature. Secondly, users can also set the Parent Ship Via and edit the Fast-shipping status in the edit Ship Via pop-up window.
  • Users can now group multiple ships via’s into one called parent ship via so that Starship can only pick up the parent ship via.
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