Production Module

The Production Module is an integrated solution that gives you complete control of your production process and helps you transform your warehouse into a competitive advantage.

Common Challenges the Production module solves

The Warehouse Shark Production Module solves common production problems we’ve observed in warehouses over the past twenty years. Learn more about how our module solves the following issues by clicking on the link below:

“We noticed an increase in production efficiency and reduction in errors as our raw material is now put away in proper locations and is tracked 100% of the time. Our shop floor employees no longer waste their time and energy in looking for parts as our inventory does not get lost and we can issue replacement material on-the-fly leading to higher through-put.”

WO Issuing On Your Handheld Device

To initiate a work order using Warehouse Shark, simply enter the Work Order ID, part and quantity of goods required, and the location production. Features include:

WO Issuing Inside The Control Center

The Control Center gives you access to the Warehouse Shark Work Order Dashboard. Here you can track the progress of current work orders and see which have been completed. Inside the Control Center, you can also access and export relevant reports.

WO Issue Returns On Your Handheld Device

The Production Module also gives you the ability to issue a WO Return when you have materials left over after production. Your work order return will reflect immediately in the Material Issues display of your ERP. Simply scan the WO ID and input the quantity and location of returned materials. Features include:

WO Receiving On Your Handheld Device

Once a product is released you can use the WO Receiving function. You can choose to receive the WO at a staging location or directly at a warehouse location. Features include:

WO Putaway On Your Handheld Device

Warehouse Shark’s Production Module makes the WO Putaway process simple and fast. Our software automatically pushes information from the WO Putaway to your ERP in real-time. From the Control Center, you can generate reports on where the final goods have been stored. Features include:

WO Receiving & Putaway Inside The Control Center

Once you’ve received a work order you’ll be issued a work order receipt inside your ERP. From the Control Center, you’ll be able to access the date, the quantity of goods, and warehouse location where the WO was received.



The Warehouse Shark Inventory Module is an integrated solution improving warehouse operations around the world. Our Inventory Module gives you complete control of your inventory and helps you transform your warehouse into a competitive advantage.

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