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Leadfeeder is a B2B software for identifying the visitors to your website. Isn’t it exciting? Leadfeeder identifies and tracks the companies even if they do not leave their contact information.
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The world has changed significantly in the past 20 years and so has the life of marketers and salespersons. Marketing products or converting leads into sales is no longer a cup of cake. The increasing technological innovation and the rising proliferation of social media have bombarded consumers with a plethora of information.

Consequently, the job of marketers and salespersons has become quite challenging as they have to work very hard for attracting consumers and retaining their interest till they purchase the products.

Gone are the days when advertisements on televisions were the only way of informing consumers about products. Now marketers have to consider multiple ways to get noticed. To fulfill these needs, many software is available that generate useful data sets for marketers and salespersons that enable them to convert leads into sales.

Have you heard about Leadfeeder? No matter whether you are a marketer or a salesperson, Leadfeeder is one of the most effective B2B lead generation software that simplifies the work for both marketers and salespersons.

The software allows you to track and identify the companies visiting your website even if they do not leave their contact details. Moreover, the software also helps to identify quality leads and improve your sales significantly. I am sure you must be interested to know more about this magical software.

For all marketers, salespersons, and agencies who want to improve their sales, Leadfeeder is the best choice. And this article has provided you with a complete guide about Leadfeeder.

What is Leadfeeder?

Leadfeeder is a B2B software for identifying the visitors to your website. Isn’t it exciting? Leadfeeder identifies and tracks the companies even if they do not leave their contact information. You must be thinking that how is it possible? Here is the answer to your question.

LeadFeeder Review

Leadfeeder uses Google Analytics to show the companies visiting your website. Moreover, the software allows you to integrate with users’ CRM and email marketing tools, thus increasing sales intelligence.

To better understand what is Leadfeeder, let me share my experience with you. I launched a paid social media campaign for my clothing brand on Facebook. To know how effective it was.

I relied on this lead generation software as Facebook will only give you information about the number of clicks or sales as a result of this campaign. However, it cannot assess brand awareness.

Leadfeeder helped me a lot to get the required data as its filters enabled me to track not only how many people visited my online store after the campaign but also allowed me to know how long they stayed at my site, what pages they visited, and what company they are affiliated with.

You can see the magical software worked like this:Leadfeeder CRM and email marketing tools

The customized filters that I used for tracking my Facebook leads looked like this:

Leadfeeder Facebook Filter Review

This precious information helped me to better target the relevant company and improve lead qualification before sending leads to sales teams.

Who is Leadfeeder for?

Leadfeeder is a perfect choice for those who are either data lovers or prefer to take business decisions on data. It provides you comprehensive data about who visited your website, when they visited, where they work, and what actions they took when they were at your website.

This information is equally valuable for both marketing and sales teams no matter which marketing approach they are using. Both marketing and sales teams use this information to track visitors, assess the success of campaigns, and identify more qualified leads.

LeadFeeder Features

It is the most desirable software for both marketers and salespersons as it enables them to place a company name on anonymous traffic.


What makes Leadfeeder different?-Features of Leadfeeder:

Leadfeeder is an application that enhances your business intelligence by integrating both marketing and sales data through the following features:

1. Identify Website Visitors

Identifying the website visitors was not as easy before as it is now with the help of Leadfeeder. Leadfeeder is a marketing and sales tool for performance-driven companies.Identify Website Visitors using Leadfeeder

Therefore, if you seriously want to know who is visiting your website, how much time he/she is spending on your website, and what are his/her activities, without additional effort, then you have landed at the right place.

Leadfeeder helps you to name the anonymous traffic at your website by revealing the behavior of visitors and identifying the remote workers via unique static and dynamic IPs.

2. Less Prospecting, More Selling

Before using this software, I thought that I was on the right track using Google Analytics for generating online leads, however, I was wrong. As Leadfeeder helped me to collect more accurate information about website visitors, pass it to the relevant sellers, and enhance sales significantly.

The software reveals new opportunities by identifying companies that are interested in you, viewing the company’s contact details, getting notified when the company visits your website, notifying your team, and reacting in real-time whenever the company visits your website.

The software thus allows you to spend minimal time on prospecting and focus more on closing the deals.

3. Generate More Leads

Generating more leads and converting these leads into sales is the utmost desire of every business enterprise. And trust me you can fulfill this dream of yours easily with this software.LeadFeeder Review

The software is a lead generation platform with no email forms. It employs segmentations to score and qualify the high potential leads. And this feature allows you to focus on leads with the highest potential, thus increasing the chances of sales.

Moreover, visitor identification and increased lead generation enable you to discover new prospects and also monitor the existing customers effectively.

Steve Jackson, CEO Quru has highlighted that using this lead generation software has enabled him to enhance the number of qualified sales leads by 34%.

4.   Integration with CRM

Are you worried about generating leads and syncing them with your CRM data? If yes, then worry not, Leadfeeder has solutions to all of your problems.

The web application allows you to sync your leads with CRM and other marketing tools and automate your lead generation funnel.

It not only sends qualified leads to your CRM and marketing automated system but also ensures that your CRM is populated with high intent leads. The high intent lead list is prepared by segmenting the visitors on geography, industry, employee number, web activity, and customer properties.

Moreover, you can also set up an alert or be notified when a new company visits your website or enter this lead list.

 Leadfeeder Dashboard

5.  Account-based Marketing

Account-based Marketing has become very popular these days, however, it is not as easy as it seems. As it is difficult to identify new accounts, monitor target accounts, and measure ROI. However, Ledfeeder has simplified the whole process. Let’s see how

Leadfeeder identifies your website visitors and enriches it further with a database of employee contacts. In other words, you just have to sync the list of your accounts to Leadfeeder, assign them as SDR, and notify them as they visit your website. Isn’t it easy?

Moreover, the software also helps you to add new target accounts to your pipeline by identifying the anonymous accounts. The software does all the work for you and you only have to close the deal with the relevant account.

6. Third-Party Connectors

Are you thinking about accessing the data in other B2B tools? Here you go.

Committed to facilitating the users, Leadfeeder even allows you to access the Leadfeeder data in third-party tools.

You can use either plug-and-play connectors or integrate with Leadfeeder APIs to maintain workflows. You can perform the following functions with connectors

  • Improve Google Analytics reporting
  • Improve targeting for ads
  • Provide personalized experience to all website visitors via firmographic information
  • Improve and personalize the chats on your website

7. IP enrich API

Do you make data-driven decisions? If yes, then this feature is especially for you.

The IP enrich APIs of Leadfeeder allows you to convert IP addresses into firmographic data in real-time. This firmographic information further helps you to make data-based decisions in real-time.

LeadFeeder  IP enrich API



How does Leadfeeder work?

Now it’s time to know how Leadfeeder uncovers the hidden leads and identifies the companies visiting your website. Reflecting upon my experience, Leadfeeder identified the visitors to my website through these simple steps:

1. Identify

Leadfeeder identified the companies visiting my site and named the anonymous traffic on my website. Moreover, it also revealed the behavior of companies visiting the website. This information played an important role to keep the products align with the needs of visitors and generate the maximum number of leads.

Leadfeeder’s unique database of static and dynamic IPs can also help to identify remote workers.

Leadfeeder’s unique database

2. Qualify

The provision of customer segmentation allowed me to score and qualify visitors. It helped me to remove all ISP traffic or unwanted companies and leave me with only real companies.

The demographic and behavioral filters helped me to segment the leads having the highest potential. Moreover, I was able to give scores to leads according to their web activity. This segmentation enabled me to focus on the highest quality leads and convert them into sales.

Leadfeeder Qualify

3. Connect

Leadfeeder also provides you an opportunity of using Leadfeeder contacts which helps to determine the best individual to contact from a visiting company.

To connect with relevant decision makers, I searched for decision makers from a global database, filter the contacts based on their location, seniority, and job role, and export their contact details.

For instance, I filtered Mark Anderson, the Sales Manager, Finland Espoo to finalize the leads with the highest potential.

4. Send Leads

Syncing your marketing and sales data is one of the favorite features of Leadfeeder. The magical software empowers sales by integrating all CRM and marketing automation tools, syncing visit data with CRM, and creating powerful reports.


Leadfeeder Customer Reviews

Rating LeadFeeder

LeadFeeder Review

Leadfeeder has received positive reviews from all third-party websites including Capterra, Trustradius, g2, Trustpilot, Getapp, Glassdoor, and Crowd.

More than 60,000 marketers, salespersons, and agencies use this lead generation software to obtain improved results. All users of Leadfeeder, whether they are marketers or salespersons, praise its features, support, value for money, CRM integrations, and collaboration tools.

The sales persons are especially fond of its features like improved ability to buy sales leads, build improved sales pitches, and excel competitors. While marketers like me benefit from features like satisfying the sales team, assessing campaigns, and optimizing marketing content.

Thus, every user being satisfied with Leadfeeder always recommends others to use it and observe a prominent difference in their sales. Here is an example of a recommendation:

LeadFeeder Screenshot

Leadfeeder Integrations

Leadfeeder offer native and two-way integrations. The Leadfeeder integrations are as below:

LeadFeeder App Integration Review

If you want your visitors to view your company’s CRM data from their device, then it is best to choose Pipedrive as I did. Integrating Leadfeeder with Pipedrive enabled my visitors to not only view my CRM data but also assess valuable information that inspired them to purchase clothes from my website.

All of these are solid integration but still, these are limited. Therefore, the company is promising to introduce further integrations soon.

Pros & Cons of Leadfeeder:

To further reemphasize the purpose of this miraculous software and help you to take your final decision, let’s have a look at some pros and cons of Leadfeeder:


  • It is easy to install and easy to use
  • It allows you to name the anonymous traffic
  • It helps you to remove unwanted companies
  • It offers filters to identify the quality leads
  • It helps you to keep a track record of quality
  • It provides a 14-day free trial
  • It allows you to connect with the decision-makers
  • It enables you to connect with user’s CRM and email marketing tools
  • It allows you to generate powerful reports via CRM data and website visitors
  • It allows you to obtain a competitive edge


  • The pricing plans are not very effective
  • The option of live chat is not available

Leadfeeder Pricing Overview:

The best part about Leadfeeder is that it offers a 14-days trial which is enough to assess the usefulness of this software.

Leadfeeder offers pricing plans that fulfill your varying business needs. The two pricing plans offered by Leadfeeder are as below:

LeadFeeder Pricing

1. Lite

It is a basic version of Leadfeeder with limited features and it shows the leads of the last seven days only. It does not charge any money per month and offers you the following features:

  • Unlimited users
  • Data retention for the last seven days
  • 100 leads

2. Premium

It is my favorite pricing plan as I selected this one for my brand and benefitted a lot from this plan.

The premium plan offers you all features and charges €79/month. You can start with a premium trial, however, if you do not do anything then you will be downgraded to lite after 2 weeks. The features offered in this plan are as below:

  • Unlimited users
  • Data retention for unlimited time
  • Unlimited leads
  • Provides company details, contact database, custom feeds, visit details, CRM integrations, powerful filtering, collaboration tools, and imported lists.

Premium Package Leadfeeder

Conclusion – Final Thoughts

To conclude, Leadfeeder is one of the best B2B lead generation software which has been designed keeping in view the changing marketing and sales face. The software allows you to track and identify the companies visiting to your site, thus naming the anonymous traffic.

Moreover, a list of potential customers with automatic scores is also generated which helps you to focus on potential customers having the highest scores.

Both marketers and salespersons across the globe are convinced of the numerous benefits of this miraculous software and they have confirmed a positive change in their sales after purchasing this software.

Therefore, for any one of you looking for a web application to maximize your sales, then Lead feeder is a perfect choice for you. It’s both easy to install and use and improves your business intelligence significantly.


Key Features
Identify Website Visitors
Less Prospecting, More Selling
Generate More Leads
Integration with CRM
Account-based Marketing
Third-Party Connectors
IP enrich API
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