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Favro is one of the leading collaboration and project management tools for teams. It was launched in 2016 and now it has become a part of a large number of SaaS and non-SaaS companies worldwide.
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Project management is today’s most demanding yet challenging discipline. Every project is not only dependent upon adequate allocation of financial and human resources but also meant to fulfill some goals and objectives. Therefore, the effective and timely completion of projects is a matter of life and death for organizations.

To overcome these challenges, a large number of tools and applications are available to ensure effective project management. And to choose from them is quite a difficult task.

If you are a project manager or a team leader suffering from similar anxiety, then this review has brought solutions to all your anxieties.

Favro is one of the best planning and collaboration tools that allow not only seamless workflow but its automation tools also save both time and energy.

Thus, to complete your projects timely and efficiently, let’s discuss Favro and know how it works for every company everywhere.

What is Favro?

Favro is one of the leading collaboration and project management tools for teams. It was launched in 2016 and now it has become a part of a large number of SaaS and non-SaaS companies worldwide.

Favro Review Dashboard

Managing teams and ensuring effective coordination among teams was not as easy as it is now with the help of Favro.

Favro allows individuals, teams, entrepreneurs, and managers from worldwide companies to operate with autonomy, alignment, and agility.

Favro offers its users different tools like sheets, timelines, Kanban board, and task cards that simplify the coordination across teams. Moreover, the automation feature reduces the admin time and ensures effective project management.

No matter whether you are creating a strategy, campaign, roadmap, or setting objectives, budgets, or deadlines, Favro is one of the best tools for you and you will never regret your decision.

To say hello to Favro, let’s learn more about this platform.

Who is Favro for?

As a project manager, ensuring seamless workflow and guaranteeing efficient communication is not an easy task.

Do you want to introduce positive habits among your team members and promote high-velocity decision-making across different project stages? If yes, then Favro is the best choice for you.

I am sure the next question in your minds must be who is Favro for? And the answer to this question is that luckily Favro works everywhere.

It is a complete game changer as it is capable of running your squad, project, or business with autonomy, agility, and alignment whether you are an entrepreneur, enterprise owner, or individual.

It is simple enough to manage basic-level tasks and powerful enough to manage complicated projects.

Favro being enterprise-grade compliant, gamer-grade fast, military-grade secure, and consumer-grade gorgeous works everywhere for everyone.

To know more about Favro, keep reading.


Best Features of Favro – Why Does Favro Stand Out From The Crowd?

To better understand Favro, it is necessary to get an in-depth overview of the features offered by Favro.

I signed up for a free trial so that I can give you a comprehensive picture of the best features of Favro. Let’s get started.

1. Easy to Use

To start with Favro is very easy. In the case of a free 14-day trial, you do not have to select any pricing plan. All you have to do is to provide basic details like what your company does, the industry within which the company operates, and your role within the company.

Once you enter this basic information, you can set up your team as below:

Favro Team

And in the very next step, it allows you to set up your collection. The platform continuously guides its users through short pop-up messages and videos.  Though it gets overwhelming initially, overall both signing up and navigating around the platform is very easy and user-friendly.

Templates For Favro Dashboard

2. Featured Templates for the Dashboard


The dashboard of Favro is the main hub and it offers different templates which can be customized according to the needs of your team.

However, there is a limitation here as most of the themes are focused on game and software development. Therefore, if you do not work in these fields, then you have to create your board from the scratch.

Favro Templates Review

2. Different Views of Dashboard

Moreover, you can view your dashboards in different ways including:

  • Kanban Boards

It is a visual tool that used cards and columns to view the dashboard. Every card represents a task or item and it can be assigned to any of the team members. Moreover, every card can be dragged and dropped where you want.

Kanban boards are specifically great for categorizing the tasks and managing large projects with different stages and teams.

Favro Board

  • Sheets

Another way to view the dashboard is through sheets.

Favro Sheets Review

You can create sheets with the following customized fields

  • Title
  • Priority
  • Text
  • Time frame
  • Status
  • Number
  • Link
  • Members
  • Date
  • Rating
  • Tags
  • Vote
  • Checkbox

Some basic templates are also available to create spreadsheets, however, these templates are only suitable for software and game developers. Any of you working in any other field have to design sheets from the scratch.

  • Timelines

Timelines are especially useful if you want to view the progress towards the identified goals or upcoming deadlines.

Favro Timelines Review

It’s very simple to add new events and goals and add notes within every item. Timelines are the most effective additions to your dashboard as it gives you a quick reminder of significant events.

  • Card list

A card list is similar to a to-do list and it is one of the most effective ways to organize the things to do, prioritize the tasks, and assign the tasks to different team members.Favro Team Members Review

Every card is clickable and you can easily edit, add members, add notes, tag members, and change status and timelines. Moreover, other users can also comment on the right side.

Interestingly, all of these views are interchangeable. For example, if you do not like card lists or sheets then you can easily change the format into Kanban view and you do not need to take any kind of permission from the admin. Every user or team member can organize their dashboard according to their needs.

3. Separate boards for different Teams

In case different teams within a similar company are using Favro for managing a different project. Then every team can have separate boards for managing its projects separately according to its needs and priorities.

For instance, the producer dashboard is busier as compared to the feature team. Therefore, teams can use the feature team section to instantly view the relevant tasks. Moreover, it also helps to keep confidential projects secure.

4. Automation – Maximize Productivity With Scheduling

Favro offers a powerful automated system that not only ensures effective project management but also saves time and energy.

For instance, you can define settings to add new cards every week automatically for frequent projects. Moreover, you can also assign different tasks to your team members automatically based on the added tags.

The platform also provides support for external webhooks as Favro can pull information automatically from any application with an API.

You can create au for creating cards, assigning tasks, and updating status.

Automation – Maximize Productivity With Scheduling

Favro also offers some tutorials that help users to use this feature effectively and save their time and energy. In every automation, there are some triggers and actions. Let me share some details about triggers and actions to get the fullest benefit from the automation feature.

  • Triggers

The triggers include:

  • When cards are generated or status is changed
  • When new cards are added or cards are completed
  • When a specific time is passed or you are near to deadline
  • Actions

The actions include:

  • Create card
  • Send message
  • Add tags
  • Change card status
  • Apply template on cards
  • Assign members
  • Add or remove from the board

5. Mobile App

I am sure many of you like me prefer doing most of your tasks on mobile. Therefore, considering this trend among users, Favro also offers a mobile app where its users can access the majority of features available within a desktop version.

This mobile app is really easy to use and allows you to access nearly everything across Favro. The app is suitable for both Android and iOS.



How does Favro work?

To ensure successful project management and get the expected results from the project, let’s discuss how this collaboration platform works for managing your teams.

Favro organizes the entire work into collections on a structural level. And these collections consisting of boards and cards can also be organized in the form of folders.

There are multiple ways to view every board including chart, card list, timeline, and Kanban view. Switching between these views is very easy, therefore, you can view your cards in different ways by just clicking a button. Every card within a collection represents a project and when you assign cards to collaborators then they can add text, attachments, checklists, due dates, comments, and many more things.

To start with Favro is very easy. Once you sign up for Favro, you will first invite others to join you by adding their email addresses. After inviting others, you set up your first collection, considering that no one within your company has set up a collection. You can set your collection either from the scratch or with the help of available templates.

On the other hand, if any of your colleagues have already made a collection then Favro will show you the collection you are invited to join.

Favro also provides you with an option of inviting external members as guest collaborators. These guest collaborators are counted as users and they also take one of your licenses, however, they can only edit the collection they are invited for and cannot access or edit organizational information like administrative menus.


Pricing Plans of Favro – Is It Realy Worth Your Money?

Favro offers various pricing plans and pricing depends upon the number of users. Favro can support users from 2 to more than 100 users, thus facilitating every type of team (both small and large). And in the case of teams with more than 100 individuals, the price is customized.

However, it becomes expensive in some cases. For instance, if you have 18 team members then you have to subscribe to the pricing plan for 25 users.

Favro Pricing Review

Based upon 10 users, Favro offers three pricing plans i.e., Lite, Standard, and Enterprise. The monthly charges of these plans range from $51/month to $127/month.

All pricing plans offer a 14-day trial to acquaint customers with the features available within the package.

The features available within every plan are highlighted below:

Prcing Table Favro


Customer Support – 24/7 Customer Service

Favro also offers its users quick, timely, and effective customer support services which further increases the value of this tool.

Favro has a comprehensive knowledge base with guides on how to start, how to move tasks from other products to Favro, and how to make work flow.

There is a variety of ways to contact Favro like email, live chat, or meeting by using their Calendly.

The customer support team is very friendly and available to answer queries through live chat 24/7. You can even contact the customer support team in the middle of the night and get the required support timely.

Reviews on Favro

Reviews on Favro

Favro has received positive reviews across all third-party websites including Capterra, Getapp, Gartner, G2, Softwareadvice, and Appvizer. The majority of customers have praised the significant improvement in workflow, collaboration, and productivity as a result of using this platform.

While some of the reviews indicate that the platform becomes overwhelming in the case of some users and there is a need to further work on the mobile app of Favro.

Despite these negative comments, based on my personal experience, Favro is a great collaboration tool and helps to achieve team dynamics in a time-efficient manner. Therefore, I strongly suggest all project managers try this tool once and you will fall in love with its features.

Favro Integrations – Easy Integration With Other Apps

To facilitate its users and make the app user-friendly, Favro offers some great integrations which are as below:

  • Google Drive
  • Slack
  • Zapier
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Calendar
  • GitHub

Pros and Cons of Favro – Is It Legit To Use Or Not?

To further assist you to take your final decision, let’s have a look at some pros and cons of Favro:

Pros – What We Liked!

  • It is easy to use
  • It simplifies project management and makes it easy
  • It promotes seamless collaboration and communication among team members
  • It saves time due to automation
  • It becomes easy to inform and alert other team members instead of sending them separate emails and messages
  • It offers good integrations
  • It includes a mobile app as well
  • It offers great customer support

Cons – What We Don’t Like!

  • It can be overwhelming for some people at an initial stage
  • If you are not a SaaS or game company then there are only a few options for templates

Conclusion – Final Thoughts

Favro is the best tool for collaboration among teams whether you own a game-developing company or you work for any other kind of enterprise. The only difference is that a game developing company does not have to work on templates whereas a non-game company has to work from the scratch.

Despite this, the powerful automated system, good integration, friendly interface, and interchangeable views of the dashboard are the most auspicious features that make Favro work everywhere for everyone.

Therefore, if you are a project manager or a team leader, then without wasting any time, you should sign up for Favro.



Key Features
Easy to Use
Featured Templates
Different Views of Dashboard
Separate boards for different Teams
Automation – Maximize Productivity With Scheduling
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