About The Company

At Portable Intelligence our single goal is to make the lives of our customers better.

Your Supply Chain Partner

Portable Intelligence has deep domain expertise in automating warehouses and distribution facilities.

Unlike other software developers our solutions include a proven deployment methodology which includes tailoring our warehouse management system for growing enterprises.

Portable Intelligence was founded in 2015 by Jeff Lem, MBA, P.MM whose personal mission is to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with inventory management and turn warehouses into a competitive advantage. With over 25 years experience in supply chain, he is at the forefront of developing the next generation of smart warehouses.

Headquartered in Markham, ON, Canada the company also an R&D facility located in IBM Canada. Portable Intelligence has 2,000 plus users across a dozen countries.

The Team and Our Core Values

We value integrity, dedication, results, creativity and continuous learning which are focussed on making the lives of our customers better. Portable Intelligence’s multi-cultural team with diverse professional backgrounds is our strength. We are well represented with over a dozen nationalities which supports our international focus.

Pi's Core Values

Portable Intelligence is defined by 5 Core Values which we look for in future Pi team members who apply for any position. These core values are the foundation of our work ethics and culture at Pi.


How we think, talk, act, and conduct ourselves has to be in alignment with making the lives of our customers better. In this regard every project however small matters – we must be of service to our customers. This also means having the courage and respect to have those tough conversations with each other. The purpose is not to hurt but to not leave any stone unturned in our quest for the right solution. We will disagree sometimes vigorously but it is done respectfully with the shared intention of finding the best path through the forest.


We’re not expecting anyone to live their lives 24/7 at Pi, but rather bring your A Game each and every day. To be present and focused on the task at hand, but to be honest when you’re not. Once your name is beside a goal or a To Do, it is yours and you own it. The expectation is that you’ll get it done but if you’re having a challenge share it sooner than later and we’ll figure it out together.


Why does Pi achieve more than others? We believe it’s because we have a sense of urgency. A desire to make it happen today and not tomorrow. It’s a realization that results happen at the intersection of skill and a sense of urgency. While it’s easy to act with a sense of urgency when you have a deadline, it’s much harder to do this consistently. This is the secret of our success and what defines great service. Driving results with a sense of urgency is the ultimate compliment because it says you matter and are important to me.

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning means not allowing a lack of knowledge or experience from venturing forward rather it is the bell we answer when we face new challenges. It also means we will continue to invest in ourselves as we are truly only as good as what we know but also knowing what we don’t know. Despite all our degrees, certifications, and accomplishments, we will always remain humble. Confident in our knowledge and experience – we embrace the future making change and uncertainty our strength.

As Ted Rogers said: “You can never be the smartest person in the room but you can always be the most prepared”


It’s not enough to just have a great product. We only succeed when we apply and even change our product in ways that creates a competitive advantage for our customers. There is creativity in everything we do – sales, marketing, system design, coding, and project management. It takes passion, courage, and even bravado to be creative. If you can do something every day that scares you – then you belong here.

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