Your Warehouse - A Competitive Advantage

Transform Your Warehouse into a Competitive Advantage

Get complete inventory visibility and control across processes. Our warehouse management solutions are built specifically for manufacturers who want to optimize their warehouse processes without adding more labor or space.

Manual inventory records

Data recording on spreadsheets, handwritten notes on clipboards is error-prone, slow and inaccurate. Our solutions allow for automatic and instant data capture eliminating the need to maintain manual records of transactions.

Tribal knowledge

Running a warehouse by relying on a single person’s memory and tribal knowledge is risky and detrimental to your business. Our solutions help you automate and standardize material handling processes in your warehouse thus removing the need to rely on tribal knowledge

Process inefficiencies

Disrupted material flow and lost inventory takes heavy toll on your manufacturing throughput. Blind spots in material handling processes can cost thousands of dollars and make your warehouse vulnerable in cases of change like a sudden surge in demand. Our solutions provide 100% inventory visibility across processes.

Increase in inventory visibility
Increase in inventory accuracy
Increase in transactions per labor hour

Maximise Throughput

We provide integrated solutions that improve your warehouse agility and inventory accuracy

RF Plus™ WMS for your ERP

The Inventory Module solves common inventory problems we’ve observed in warehouses over the past twenty years. For instance, many warehouse managers report experiencing delays resulting from poor inventory visibility. This module helps you conduct quick inventory counts, transfers, and lookups. The Warehouse Shark™ Inventory Module solves these problems and more.

TM™ Plus labor tracking for your ERP

TM Plus™ is a real-time labor tracking software that integrates with your ERP. TM Plus™ is a browser based, user-friendly software with a simple and intuitive interface that saves valuable time. Your employees simply clock in and out of jobs; whether they’re just getting started in the morning, taking a break, or leaving at the end of their shift.

The Smart Warehouse

Smart Warehouse allows you to track and direct picking using a combination of location-based services and Task Engine Distributor (TED™)

Reduce Inventories

“At SweetWorks™, we use RF Plus™ for shipping, receiving, inventory management, physical count and work order issuing. We are really happy with the product. It has simplified the work for our people in the warehouse and its actually allowed them to do more transactions in less time”

— Eric Guenette, ERP Specialist, SweetWorks Confections

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